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海水升温、酸化对鹿角杯形珊瑚幼虫生理及附着后生长发育的影响; Physiology and post-settlement growth of Pocillopora damicornis larvae under future climate scenario
Thesis Advisor黄晖
Degree Discipline水产养殖
Keyword升温 酸化 鹿角杯形珊瑚 附着 钙化
Abstract大气中逐步上升的CO2浓度对海洋生态环境产生了两方面重要的影响:一是海水表层温度的升高;二是海水碳酸盐平衡体系的改变,主要表现为海水CO2分压(pCO2)的升高以及pH的降低(海水酸化)。海水升温和酸化是对造礁石珊瑚和珊瑚礁存续的两个严重威胁,在全球范围内珊瑚礁严重退化的背景下,珊瑚幼虫的成功附着和补充对退化珊瑚礁的恢复至关重要。因此研究海水温度和pH变化对珊瑚幼虫附着以及幼体生长发育的影响有助于预测和了解未来气候条件下石珊瑚的种群结构和补充动态。本文以三亚鹿回头常见造礁石珊瑚鹿角杯形珊瑚(Pocillopora damicornis)为研究对象,探讨了海水温度和pCO2升高对鹿角杯形珊瑚幼虫生理的潜在影响以及酸化对鹿角杯形珊瑚幼虫附着后生长发育的影响。 首先,将鹿角杯形珊瑚幼虫孵育在在2个温度(28和31.5°C)和2个pCO2 (~440和~1000μatm)的组合处理中8小时,之后测...
Other AbstractEscalating atmospheric CO2 concentration exerts a twofold impact on marine ecosystems, increasing sea surface temperature (SST, warming) and partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) because of oceanic uptake of CO2 (acidification). Elevated SST and pCO2 have been recognized as two serious threats to the persistence of scleractinian corals and coral reefs due to their susceptibility to temperature and pH. The past 20 years have witnessed global degradation of coral reefs as a result of climate change and human activities. Central to the persistence and recovery of coral reefs is the successful coral recruitment, in which the settlement of larvae and healthy development of recruits are the key ecological steps. A comprehensive understanding of how larval settlement and growth will be affected by futur...
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
江雷. 海水升温、酸化对鹿角杯形珊瑚幼虫生理及附着后生长发育的影响, Physiology and post-settlement growth of Pocillopora damicornis larvae under future climate scenario[D],2015.
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