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三亚湾近岸浮游纤毛虫的群落结构及摄食初探; Preliminary study on community structure and feeding of planktonic ciliates in coastal waters of Sanya Bay
Thesis Advisor刘胜
Degree Discipline海洋生物学
Keyword三亚湾 近岸生态系统 浮游纤毛虫 多样性 摄食
Abstract海洋浮游纤毛虫广泛分布于各种生境中,主要包括寡亚纲 海洋浮游纤毛虫广泛分布于各种生境中,主要包括寡亚纲 (Oligotrichia) 和 环毛亚纲 (Choreotrichia),其粒级范围为 10-200μm。浮游纤毛虫的食物来源广泛 浮游纤毛虫的食物来源广泛 , 可将浮游细菌和 Pico-、Nano-级浮游植物打包,也可摄食一些较大硅藻和小型纤 级浮游植物打包,也可摄食一些较大硅藻和小型纤 级浮游植物打包,也可摄食一些较大硅藻和小型纤 毛虫。同时,自身还是一些后生动物 毛虫。同时,自身还是一些后生动物 毛虫。同时,自身还是一些后生动物 (如桡足类 )的优质饵料,是物和能量由微 的优质饵料,是物和能量由微 食物环流向经典链的关键节。三亚湾是我国型热带海,内有丰富 食物环流向经典链的关键节。三亚湾是我国型热带海,内有丰富 食物环流向经典链的关键节。三亚湾是我国型热带海,内有丰富 的 海洋生物资源,其中以浮游纤毛虫为主微型动对初级产力有较高的 海洋生物资源,其中以浮游纤毛虫为主微型动对初级产力有较高摄食压力。目前对于浮 游纤毛虫的研究主要集中在多样性方面,而自然环境摄食压力。目前对于浮 游纤毛虫的研究主要集中在多样性方面,而自然环境摄食压力。目前对于浮 游纤毛虫的研究主要集中在多样性方面,而自然环境游纤毛虫的昼夜节律以及现场摄食等生 态学研究还相对匮乏。本论文运用分子游纤毛虫的昼夜节律以及现场摄食等生 态学研究还相对匮乏。本论文运用分子物学方法研究了三亚湾近 岸浮游纤毛虫的多样性及群落结构,并对关键种类现 岸浮游纤毛虫的多样性及群落结构,并对关键种类现 场摄食 进行了初步分析,同时结合室内实验探讨其对级生产力的场摄食 进行了初步分析,同时结合室内实验探讨其对级生产力的场摄食 进行了初步分析,同时结合室内实验探讨其对级生产力的状况。结果如下:2014年4月在三亚湾近岸采样调查结果显示,
Other AbstractPlanktonic ciliates are widespread micro-zooplankton in marine ecosystem, mainly consisting of subclass Oligotrichia and Choreotrichia with the size range of 10-200μm. As top-down consumer of bacteria, pico- & nano-plankton as well as food source for mesozooplankton, they were considered as key link in transfer process of material and energy between microbial loop and classic food chain. Sanya Bay is a classic tropical bay with high diversity of marine organisms. Among which microzooplankton, especially planktonic ciliates, exerted high grazing pressure on the phytoplankton stock. However, little was known about the community structure and diet composition in natural waters. In this study, we analyzed the species diversity and community structure of ciliate from different times and key species’ in situ diets by molecular detection based on species-specific primers. Meanwhile, combine with experiment discussed their transfer efficiency about primary production. The results were as follows:
Document Type学位论文
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GB/T 7714
王有军. 三亚湾近岸浮游纤毛虫的群落结构及摄食初探, Preliminary study on community structure and feeding of planktonic ciliates in coastal waters of Sanya Bay[D],2016.
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