Ultrafast Tracking of a Single Live Virion During the Invagination of a Cell Membrane
Pan, Yangang1; Wang, Shaowen1; Shan, Yuping1; Zhang, Dinglin1; Gao, Jing1; Zhang, Min1; Liu, Shuheng1; Cai, Mingjun1; Xu, Haijiao1; Li, Guohui1; Qin, Qiwei1; Wang, Hongda1; ghli@dicp.ac.cn; qinqw@scsio.ac.cn; hdwang@ciac.ac.cn
摘要The first step in most viral infections is the penetration of the cell membrane via endocytosis. However, the underlying mechanism of this important process has not been quantitatively characterized; for example, the velocity and force of a single virion during invagination remain unknown. Here, the endocytosis of a single live virion (Singapore grouper iridovirus, SGIV) through the apical membranes of a host cell is monitored by developing and using a novel ultrafast (at the microsecond level) tracking technique: force tracing. For the first time, these results unambiguously reveal that the maximum velocity during the cell entry of a single SGIV by membrane invagination is approximately 200 nm s(-1), the endocytic force is approximately 60.8 +/- 18.5 pN, and the binding energy density increases with the engulfment depth. This report utilizing high temporospatial resolution (subnanometer and microsecond levels) approaches provides new insight into the dynamic process of viral infection via endocytosis and the mechanism of membrane invagination at the single-particle level.
学科领域Chemistry ; Science & Technology - Other Topics ; Materials Science ; Physics
通讯作者ghli@dicp.ac.cn; qinqw@scsio.ac.cn; hdwang@ciac.ac.cn
作者单位1.[Pan, Yangang
2.Shan, Yuping
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GB/T 7714
Pan, Yangang,Wang, Shaowen,Shan, Yuping,et al. Ultrafast Tracking of a Single Live Virion During the Invagination of a Cell Membrane[J]. SMALL,2015,11(23):2782-2788.
APA Pan, Yangang.,Wang, Shaowen.,Shan, Yuping.,Zhang, Dinglin.,Gao, Jing.,...&hdwang@ciac.ac.cn.(2015).Ultrafast Tracking of a Single Live Virion During the Invagination of a Cell Membrane.SMALL,11(23),2782-2788.
MLA Pan, Yangang,et al."Ultrafast Tracking of a Single Live Virion During the Invagination of a Cell Membrane".SMALL 11.23(2015):2782-2788.
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